You Should Have Taken the Cruise


These stuck-in-the-past-live-in-the-future weirdoes took a cruise? Yes, yes they did. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines started featuring this seven day overseas voyage in 2012. The Second Annual Steampunk Cruise and High Seas Ball is scheduled for February 23 to March 2, 2014.


The website boasts that popular steampunk writers, artists, musicians, and speakers will be present for performances and workshop sessions. The cruise sets sail from New Jersey and then makes a stop at Fort Canaveral, Florida, before heading to Coco Cay and Nassau, Bahamas.


Mature or amateur filmmakers can submit independent films, shorts, documentaries or series to the film festival which takes place for the entirety of the cruise. The submissions are also subject to awards.


On board the ship, vacationers will find 15 decks, ten pools and whirlpools as well as numerous bars, clubs and lounges. Prospective steampunks can also look forward to rock wall climbing, basketball, ice-skating, mini-golf, the spa and parades.

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Obviously shopping and overeating is included.

Packing up all that steampunk gear and clothing is bound to cause a luggage nightmare that I cannot even fathom. If I went I’d probably wear the same gadgets with barely passable attire after the fourth day. Oh well.